Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery!

Bob Marley sang this song. Redemption song. Probably one of the most powerful songs of the 20th century and the lessons are still relevant to this day. The fascinating thing about the song is that it was a call for all people to break free of the shackles and mental chains of programming through liberation of our minds. In short it wasn't a song about mental liberation( that was more of the effect)  but more a song about taking ownership.

Which brings me to the number one enemy to productivity.

Decision Making

You see, as we evolve, we have more and more options. Go to the grocery store and there's countless options to purchase a simple gallon of milk. Do you want skim milk or 2% or lactose intolerant or almond milk or soy milk and the options are endless.
There's actually a book that address this phenomena called "The Paradox Of Choice" by Barry Schawrtz where the more options we have, the higher the indecisions.

Then add to it the smart phone. Every micro activity is draining you off the ability and energy to make the bigger/biggest decisions like investments of time energy and well being. The "reactionary" phase of our society has its side effects. From mental health to depression to isolation. it's a big problem and will become an even bigger problem with technology advances.

The Real Obstacle to Decision making

We could easily say it's fear. We could also say it's not taking responsibility and those could be right. The real reason is more evolutionary than fear and responsibility. 
It boils down to 2 reasons.

1. Conservation of energy(decisions use energy we would rather store for fight or flight scenarios)

2. Fear of loss of status.(If we do decide and the decision delivers a loss, the embarrassment of losing our position in our tribe is way too painful to bear in comparison to our current status quo) 

The 3 Step Framework Behind "Sound" Decision making

Is the downside low in comparison to the upside?
Does loss of tribal status mean more to you than the potential betterment of your welfare?
What are you truly avoiding to address? The real underlying concern!!!

These 3 questions won't make you the expert decision maker overnight however, they will get you on the trend of making great decisions faster and faster without expending kilo calories in weighing the options.

Wondering where to start?

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