Hi, I'm Lee Kariuki

Yes. Pronounced as "Karaoke" different spelling and I'm a student of all things systems and processes. I started my consulting journey back in 2009 and absolutely LOVE it.

My Journey

Quite frankly I find this part to be the hardest past of this site. It's almost like I'm writing my own eulogy.
Struggling with:-

How deep should I go?.
What parts of my life should I share?.
What is too much information?
What feels like I'm holding back

So to solve this dilemma and without bogging you down with tmi on what uniform I wore going to primary school(grade school US equivalent) in Mombasa, Kenya, I put myself in your shoes and asked,

"What would I want to know about Lee to feel comfortable enough to have a conversation with him if we were ever to meet in person?"
Hence that is how I came up with these 4 categories (4V's...I told you I love systems), Values, Vision, Vocation and finally the Vehicle.


I respect effort. I respect humility. I respect continuous improvement. I respect efficiency. I have also learned to be patient with others and more with myself. I value family. It's the cornerstone of purpose and finally I value candidness. These are the roots of my values. 


Plain and simple. That whoever has a deep desire to accomplish what they truly believe will make them a "better" person, then they should get the resources they need to support them. I happen to focus on entrepreneurship. To get out of our own way and share the best version of who we are with the world. (I know sounds so cliché however this is what my vision is)


So I started my journey in Chemical Engineering but that didn't fulfill me. I then went in to Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science however even though being in these fields helped me truly understand systems it wasn't until I started consulting that I truly found my lifelong vocation.

The career's were just sounding boards to echo my values and channel them through what I do. I was not what I do but rather, who i became and what value I brought.

Without sounding abstract, my true vocation is to find processes (started with manufacturing...then now entrepreneurship) and simply remove the obstacles to progress.


This may have been obvious and if not, my vehicle is really systems. I believe when we don't get the results we desire rather than look at what we're doing, a great place is to start with the system around what we're doing. We can leverage systems. We can design systems to work on our behalf. Systems can work harder than we do. 

Hopefully this has given you enough context to have some information about who I am or what I value. Please, I do insist, if we ever meet in person, kindly stop and say hallo and thank you for stopping by.

Lee Kariuki

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