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Surrender and Create....

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You Don't have to Be Perfect to Create. You just need to be Honest.

Breaking Conventional Chains

The brain to the left may not be able to break those physical chains, but you can. At least the mental ones. You see, I was struggling and wondering what to write on this section, (using Chatgpt and all) but the responses were all pretty subpar.
The "Are you suffering from....." openers. I just can't. It wouldn't be a reflection of who I truly am. Then I remembered the story of Larry King on his first day on on the radio....
"If you're honest with your audience, you can't go wrong." The best way to break those conventional chains is to be honest with yourself and that starts by letting go. Letting go the need for perfection. Letting go of the need for societal acceptance.
Letting go of the need for control. Think of it like Aikido. By letting go of all these needs, you're actually redirecting the expended energy of surrendering as fuel for your energy requirement to create. Thank you so much for stopping by!!!!

The 3 Pillars Of Clarity

Sometimes all we need is a simple roadmap to jumpstart us in the right direction.

"Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome"

Samuel Johnson

Ikigai Identity

The Japanese version of "Raison D'étre" (reason for being) The Pivotal point between passion, market desire and profession. Your deep Why?

Your Circle of Genius

Pattern recognition. Event extrapolation/prediction. The domain knowledge acquired to be able to have an unfair marketplace advantage.

Courage To Launch

The courage to fail. Overcoming the comfort of safety optimization for the calculated risk for a better future self. When you surrender your creation, you become free.

It's Only Takes 3 Steps......

"You'll love the simplicity"

lee kariuki

3 Step Launchpad Framework

Launching an idea to the world can be daunting. One can quickly go from excitement to doubt FAST. You're not sure if they'll like your idea. You're not sure if you have what it takes and if it doesn't perform as expected after launching, you may be completely demoralized about what to do next.

For this reason, I've created a simple 3 Step Launchpad Framework that will act as a guide before you get to share your idea with the world. Think of it like the "Maps" for launching. It's the one thing I wish I had when I started this journey. Download it below.

"I mapped this guide just for you. YES YOU!"

Lee kariuki

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The Number 1 Enemy To Productivity

The Number 1 Enemy To Productivity

You're NOT in the product OR service business!!!!!

You're NOT in the product OR service business!!!!!

Pain...Static Vs Mobile

Pain...Static Vs Mobile

Perfection Is NOT the goal.

Perfection Is NOT the goal.

The Focal Point

The Focal Point

Foundation Of  A System

Foundation Of A System

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