Not All Pain Is Created Equal.

Believe it or not, if you've ever put together an offer and it failed or didn't perform to expectations, that was the result of 3 possible scenarios.

You targeted the wrong client.
You solved for a problem they didn't care for or weren't willing to pay for.
You didn't communicate effectively what the contrast will feel like with and without the problem!

Option one will kill your business however most of the time business owners have a pretty solid handle on who their clients are. Where the big chunk of the problem exists is in option 2 and 3.
Just because you feel that your solution is logical doesn't mean that it is plausible. 90% of the offers that I consulted on either solved for a problem that the potential clients didn't care for or weren't willing to pay for and the 2nd problem is they didn't communicate the solution and it's contrast to existing available solutions.

We are all in the decision business!!!

It's easy to forget that before a potential client buys or commits to your solution, they must first "cut off" all available options. Your job isn't so much boasting why your solution is the best but rather shinning a light on why the other solutions didn't work.
And even before that(my grammar teacher is having muscle pulls just reading this sentence butchering the grammar rules of never starting a sentence with "and") you must address the pain that is current in their heads. 
And(here we go again) is an example. A headache is bearable a migraine isn't. That's the difference between aspirin and vitamins. Now there's a time and place for vitamins but for now find people who are looking for aspirin. 
1. They don't need much convincing.
2. They are looking for you more than you are looking for them.
3. They are way more price insensitive. and
4. They are easier to work with because they are waaay more vested to solve the problem than you are because they just want the pain to go away!

This is the difference between "static" pain and "moving" pain and unfortunately too many business owners are solving for "static" pain. pain that the customers has become "comfortable" living with and isn't a priority right now.

Here's a quick 3 Step Process of Identifying "Moving" Pain

Are they actively looking for and buying solutions?-If there's no action on their part the pain isn't painful enough.
Are they deeply dissatisfied with their current options to the extent that switching would be less painful than staying? There are plenty of clients who are dissatisfied with their current solutions but wouldn't trade options due to the pain of switching. Great examples are software services, insurance covers etc.
What is the emotional identity they have to they have come to accept because of this pain. if you could easily dissociate their identity to the pain, then you can move them from the pain. 

Having one of the above factors is good, two is great but all three, you're in the "irresistible offer" zone and you now have a responsibility to save your prospect from their pain.

Wondering where to start?

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