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5 Easy Steps To Top Quality Facebook Clients

As Of Today, Facebook has roughly 1.8 Billion users. About 60-70% log in an average of 2-3 times a day. Commerce is changing. Never in the history of communication has there been so many people congregating together at any one time. There is still a huge opportunity. However, the flip side to the opportunity is…

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The 3 Wise Kings Of Strategy

Finally, you're ready to start a business. You've come up with a wise idea and are ready to hit the market. Your research has told you that there are Proven buyers already spending A growing market A huge void So what's the next move? Start hiring for help? Maybe, maybe not. Is it time yet?…

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STEAL THESE 145 TRAFFIC ANSWERS: The Answers To Questions Asked About Facebook™ Traffic Generation

Hi. My name is Lee Kiratu Kariuki. This mini Q&A session was born from a Live Video post I saw on Facebook. I initially just wanted to sell my answers to the questions but then I thought, maybe someone will get value from the answers. I saw a message that said abundance is the ability…

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What Is A Facebook™ Pixel???

  The number one question I get from clients is what the heaven is a Facebook™ pixel and how does it work. So rather than repeat this answer over and over again, I decided to just put one comprehensive post that will take one from a beginner to the expert by the end of this…

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Step By Step System To A Marketing Development Strategy

What Is Marketing Development Strategy? Before any product can be created, the most important question to ask is who is going to be using our product. Plenty of times businesses go into product development before determining the target market. This blog post is going to map out an in-depth strategy of not only penetrating a…

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