llyWhat do Customers really want…..

Danny called me up a few months ago

he fixes computers for small business owners

he gets his customers primarily online…

his dilemma is that after he fixes his customers problem

they come back with 1000 different problems

and he’s forced to charge more

but then it’s at the expense of other customers

so I looked at his set up and I immediately noticed 3 main problems with his offers

  1. He did a free diagnosis and then upsold the repair(this was his only offer)
  2. He didn’t have a monthly maintenance plan
  3. He was the bottleneck of his business

The computer diagnosis takes time but this wasn’t the problem

until it took the time from other customers he could have been serving.

My recommendation, hire someone to do the diagnosis

and then offer a monthly maintenance club which brings us to the second problem.

He didn’t have a continuity membership

so he depended on people coming in through the front door.

If they didn’t, he’d have a bad a month

if they did he’d still have a bad month(working 60+ hours)

the only difference is he would have some income to show for it.

Finally, his main problem was number 3

which is a key problem to most businesses.

They are both the heart and soul 

while simultaneously being the bottleneck of their the business.

If they don’t do (open up shop, talk to customers, sell…etc)

their business is dead.

the antithesis of business

which is trading deeds for income….

The Remedy…..???

besides having a monthly membership

(people would rather pay for maintenance than pay for repair)

for the customers who didn’t like commitments

or wanted full autonomy to control their machines

I advised him to sell them troubleshooting kits

where they can buy the instructions online,

do their own diagnosis and save time for his employee doing the instore diagnosis.

He noticed that this empowered his customers before they even came into the store

If you’re a business owner you already  know that

nothing is more exciting

then an informed customer

who knows exactly what his or her problem is…

So from the plan, I crafted for him

I added 3 additional income streams while leveraging his time

  1. From the upsells after the free diagnosis
    ( that paid the salary of the employee he had hired)
  2. The monthly maintenance members club.
    Members bring in their computers,
    his tech guy updates antivirus software updates
    programs and clears the cache.
    while doing backs ups for their
    most prized sensitive data.
    This gave him some extra cash flow.
  3. The diagnosis toolkits which he sold online.
    Downloadable kits(no one wants information, they want kits)
    This also gave him some extra cash flow.

Without even doing more, he was able to double his income and work way less.

We didn’t stop there….Danny noticed those small businesses
were struggling with automation.

Despite having the powerful machines,

they didn’t know how to integrate their daily business activities

to fit the technology they already had.

So Danny created a high-end consultation mastermind

where he would go to these businesses,

understand their processes and then figure out

how they could use their computers to

automate or streamline their activities.

He would only do it from 9 am -12 pm

 so that he could reserve the afternoon

for helping out Jimmy at the shop.

Another income stream.

He was so excited with the plan
he bought me a 30-year-old Hibiki.(Thank you, boss)

But that’s not the reason you wanted to read this blog post.

You want to know what do customers really want right.

You’re customers crave for one main underlying thing.

They want you to take care of it.

They don’t have a problem paying

if it will once and for all “take care of it”

so that they can move on with their life

knowing someone somewhere

is enjoying doing this way more than they do.

In short, they are buying your commitment to their situation.

That’s why we buy plane tickets

which outsources the situation of

“How are we going to see Aunty Betty

for thanksgiving 2000 miles away

when we only have 4 days off?”

It starts by understanding their primary question.

For Danny his clients’ primary question is

“How can I just do what I love

without having to deal with

the tech part so that I can focus

more on serving my customers?”

In fact, I begged Danny to use that in his marketing

and it worked like aunt Betty’s sweet potato pie.

convert strangers to evangelists….

Here is the key takeaway’s

  • Address your customers primary hidden question
  • Rather than chasing for new customers, figure out
    how you can serve your existing customers on a higher level.
  • Incorporate some form of intimate continuity program to ease the cash flow dilemma.

Your turn.

Lee Kariuki
Lee Kariuki

Systems and strategy. I grow businesses by simplifying them. What do your customers want, and what’s in their way? Simple right? Reach me at admin@leekariuki.com.