How To Sell More Products And Services Using Video

Do you have a product or service you would like to sell using video? Not sure what to say? Check out "The Video Conversion Masterclass" where you master:-

  • The Cliff Hanger Effect

    How To Demand instant and Immediate Attention when starting out your sales video.

  • The Calamity

    How to frame the worst case scenario of your prospect through your experience in a way that builds instant trust.

  • The Epiphany

    How to structure the solution that frames you or your services as the authority and the obvious choice to buy from.

  • The Transition

    How to smoothly switch from narrating your story to introducing the solution in an authentic way.

  • The Offer

    How to make a soft offer that gets your prospects excited,eager and looking forward to buy.

  • The Objection.

    Having a conversation with their crocodile brain to silence their inner critic.

  • The Close

    How to seal the deal with a commitment with a logical call to action.

  • Common Mistakes To Avoid.

    Where most video scripts drop the ball and how to avoid these common mistakes that will cost you in sales.

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