The first time I saw it on screen, there was no two ways about it, It was captivating.

There was something amazing about this show. A fresh breath of air. Nothing similar.

The mystery. What's going to happen? The drama, the emotion and the money involved……

Everything met at this focal point of bliss and anticipation….

"Someone yelled…." on one episode…..

One guy cursed on TV….unbelievable. the rawness, the anxiety and the calm after the storm…..

This show has me looking forward to the following Tuesday, the previous Tuesday.

It's that good. Suprisingly the host is not an actor. He's not even a Hollywood sensation….infact if you ask me…..

If you didn't know anything about the guy and bumped in to him in a coffee shop…it would be like nothing.

I mean, it definitely WOULDN'T be like "Oh my gosh I met the most intriguing character……"

more like

"I didn't meet anyone today"

In fact, you may just walk past him.

Yet his simplification, complexity, and passion all embedded in one are what makes this gentleman such a man-crush worthy character. Yes very weird.

Anyway, before I tell you who he is or how I got addicted to this show, I have to share with you, my first experience of watching the first episode. Yes indeed watching the show is an experience. Here goes.

First off again, I can't believe it's almost going to be 4 years since that first episode.

Anyway, it started with these two brothers Jon and Andre who had this business that was like $200K in debt.

Being a curious person who is fascinated by how people weave their way out of situations, I decided to sit down and watch "What happens next…"

I believe I was dicing chunks of beef on our cutting board in preparation for dinner.(It happened to be the actual TV)

I wasn't paying attention and I can't remember the exact details but all I saw was that the participants on this show started crying.

And it wasn't like a "Visine" tear but more like a "real from the gut" waterfall cry.

Right then and there, I knew I had to see the rest of the show.

I placed the knife on the TV and decided to immerse myself fully into the show.

Aaaah the yelling, the drama it was all fantastic.

Then came the deeper lesson. It was a life one too. However, what I found interesting about the participants on the show was that…..

Either they had really terrible makeup artists or these two brothers were bone dry real. I mean…they were going through real life stuff.

At one point it even felt like I was watching a real football game because all I wanted was for the two brothers to win. 

I felt empathy. I felt connected with their desire to make their Dad proud. I felt connected with their desire to live a fulfilled life doing what they loved and keeping their dads legacy alive. I felt connected with their frustrations of having to create a blueprint along the way and finally

I felt connected with their resilience to keep at it even when turmoil had bubbled over the stove.

If you haven't figured out by now the name of the show it's called "The Profit" and the host or star of the show is Marcus Lemonis.

I mean there's something about Marcus that kept sucking me in to watching the show and the next show and the next show and the next show and the show after that sometimes even the replays…..

For almost 4 years…..! Who does that????

I tried to figure out what it is. I drove me to become an Advil addict.

I couldn't pin point what about Mr. Lemonis that made everyone around him feel "at ease" and relaxed as if you were meeting your psychologist without the hefty bill.

And back then, I remembered I used to get euphoric about "Shark Tank"

it initially aired on CNBC

but somehow I grew out of it.

It didn't inspire me like the way "The Profit" did.

On occasions even watching it before the actual show, I felt like I was committing adultery.

Shark tank felt staged and rehearsed. But oh no…..not "The Profit"

It felt real. It is real. You can take "as real as The Profit Show" to the bank.

Anyway, before you and I into to the logistics of the show

Lets first deconstruct the host, Marcus Lemonis.

Where are we again….AAAh yes. Marcus Lemonis.

So… I decided that if I was going to figure out who Marcus is,

I might as well just watch each and every show and see if I could pick up on a behavioral pattern or two.

and did i follow him……

I mean…..I loved the show so much that I decided to attend the Clickfunnels Funnel hacking event in San Diego (One of the most energetic events in digital Marketing) where Marcus was the main speaker.

And so I knew without a doubt I had to attend.

I watched how he got on stage, his demeanor, his poise and then his narrative and it instantly clicked. 

The reason Marcus is extemely "psychologist like" is becuase of his consistent non fluctuating demeanor.

It's been the same on the show, the same when he was making offers, the same when he was eating candy, the same when he was being "100%" in charge.

I mean even when he's drinking coffee……

and you know how coffee gets calm people hype….

I'm like I have never seen a person who is so consistent in demeanor.

Not even the ocean is that consistent.

Today you may get a swimmable calm mild ocean…..

Tomorrow you're being slapped, dragged, abused and mistreated around like a djembe drum.

but not Marcus.

And I can't say that i hang around him more than his wallet to know if he is consistent with his behavior or not…….

but from what I've seen, he's been pretty amazing… consistency

The next thing about Marcus is that he is authentic and compassionate.

During the funnelhacker Live event, he talked about allowing oneself to be vulnerable

and that businesses and schools and people don't speak from the heart anymore.

And that's what is lacking in society.

You see the way you know…..

That Marcus is as real as it gets……

and it's pretty evident

is from all the contenders on the profit

Have you noticed that all the contenders on the show….

seem to who cry after they have received the check from Marcus.

And not no tears of joy…..

but tears of relief and like a weight's been lifted of their shoulders.

Now that's Love.

On the other show…I believe it's called ….The Shark Tank….hehe he

It always seems like the tears come before they get the check.

even the ones that go home with no deal…..

they cry less losing the deal than during the deal…..?????

That's how I know The Profit is real.😊

Let's now get in to the lessons from the show.


Now I won't dehydrate you with exactly what the 3P's are,

but if you're a fan of the show, you already know that at one point Marcus is going to talk about the 3 drivers of business success,



and Product

and if you watch every one of the show's, like I have, you will quickly learn that this is his main approach.


Who are the people running the business? Are they trustworthy, what are their strengths? Do they take care of their employees or do they treat their employees like robots? What about the relationships in their lives? Family? How do they treat their familiy members? Friends? etc.


Are things organized? Is there a system? Is it easy to follow? If the business had a surge in orders would they be able to handle it? Do they have partners in place in case such anomalies were to happen? Do they have working capital? All these go under process.


And then the final one is product. Do you know why product is last? Because of the 3, it's the one with the least importance. Yes and many might argue "How dare you Lee…?"

Let's for one moment stop being dramatic…..

You obviously haven't been watching Theee( I add two ee's for being a super fan) Profit for as long as I have.

If you have…then you would know that….

If all the people in a team worked synchronously,

and all the processes also worked synchronously,

Then Why would anyone want to create terrible products especially if they know that's NOT their strength?

You can easily find other people who are amazing at creating products

 but suck at the people and processes part….right??

BTW Marcus is in ……………..give me a minute….(I'm counting)

Like how many businesses again?

Yet he(Marcus himself) doesn't even create even one of the products he sells.

AAAh see he's using the 3p's on himself.

Always love butchers who test the sharpness of their own blades on themselves! 😊

So without a doubt, the product definitely has to be presentable

but you don't have to be the one creating right……

otherwise, I have a feeling if the products were terrible (sheit like the say in London)

Marcus would probably be shedding tears on his own show.

NOW….There's another secret that Marcus doesn't mention….

It's a 4th hidden P

that no one else is paying attention to.

This in my books( and I've written like 3 bad ones)

is the most important P of the P's.(This would really sound terrible if I was speaking it aloud)

Anyway that P is PROVEN

Yes, the businesses Marcus "saves" are usually in rough shape,

and they usually need some form of intervention….

but they are usually PROVEN businesses

with a proven business model.

Meaning that it's not businesses that are electrifying and shocking and unbelievable to figure out!

They are businesses like restaurants, candy shops, t-shirts, shoes, furniture, cars……

the kinds of businesses that America comprehends

and consumers consume every day…..

Warren Buffet kind of businesses…..

Not business where you have to sign up for a 3 hr orientation class before you 

understand what's being sold….

and i have a feeling Marcus knows the model.

With a good process and great people,(from his rolodex of connections)

he can ignite the fire of the businesses he gets involved in.

Does his influence help in boosting these businesses?

Does the fact that the average weekly viewership of his show is up to almost 500K?

Do these factors influence sales at the businesses he partners with?

does night come after day…….?

Without a doubt.

and we get it. You get it…….the business owners get it…..

However, I have a feeling that despite the publicity,

despite the half a million views…..

despite the location….

the true remedy that turns these businesses around….

is the business model that they follow.

A proven system.

and in wrapping up…….

Here are 4 most important lessons I've learned and keep on learning from the show.

  1. You can completely learn something incredible without attending classes by simply observing behavioral patterns.
  2. Be a person of tranquil demeanor(even though this is hard as aging Chapati or Roti)
  3. Follow a proven system.
  4. If you ever get on T.V. cry after you get the check. You will win the authenticity battle.

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