The Offer

The Offer

When starting out….
I focused on designing a beautiful website.
I hired a designer…

Paid him an arm and a leg
Had a web form to collect email addresses,
then I launched…
advertised on Google….
tweaked everything but the most important part
The Offer was terrible…..
Looking back, I wouldn't even sign up for it.
it's all about The Offer…..

and just any offer…but


Here is a blueprint I had posted a few days ago.

So there are 3 main drivers of an irresistible offer.

  1. The deal
  2. The communication
  3. The delivery

Everyone focuses on the deal yet that is only a very small part of an irresistible offer. On this post, we will cover each of these 3 parts and you should be on your way to crafting offers that convert.

1.The Deal

I'm yet to find anyone who just hates an awesome deal. Everyone desires to unlock greater value than what they put in. A 2 for 1 special, a buy this get that at 50% Off, an X % Off for the most part gets people's attention. Why? FOMO (The fear of missing out) 2 things influence a great deal. Curiosity and scarcity. Curiosity, to get people's attention and then scarcity to reward action. The reason you need both is that most of the times, we are in this perpetual habitual trance. Nothing exciting happens and if your offer looks remotely similar, it gets no love. Scarcity activates the amygdala…the part of the brain that is responsible for flight or fight. it bypasses our thinking brain. it views the loss as a threat and the only resolution is to act. This is the sole reason why we are more afraid of losing something over the experience of gaining the benefit from the same or similar items. It's our sense of attachment and that is why break-ups are devastating and soul crushing.

Now the idea is not to artificially inject scarcity or curiosity just for the sake. That will backfire in a major way. For an offer to work, both have to be injected in an authentic way.

Wonder why neuroscientists are all of a sudden working for marketing firms? Wonder why a psychologist would work at a marketing agency? Why are more and more marketers studying human behavior?

The sole reason is to master persuasion. EEG's (electroencephalogram) which is the study of brain activity when one is exposed to different offers are some the tests done by neuroscientists to determine how we react to messages.

But you don't need a Ph.D. to craft a compelling offer. Here is the guideline to consider when crafting an offer.

  1. Simple-Easily understood
  2. Intriguing-Capture someone's attention
  3. Believable-No hyperbole
  4. Utility-How is this going to solve a problem I have right now?
  5. Result- What will be the end result?

2. The Communication

A deal is not a deal if you don't communicate it in a compelling manner. The key driver here is the frame of mind of your prospect. The idea here is once the deal has been identified, (Example: Offering a pizza to get someone to onboard with Domino's pizza.) we must choose language that our prospects understand and immediately see the value. So Domino's is not really selling pizza. They are selling convenience. Do they have the greatest pizza? Eeeeh…! Can they get it fast when you need it? Most of the time.


For Example, If Domino (smart marketer) tried to market by simply saying "we make great pizza come onboard with Domino's" few would have even attempted the Pizza. Why? There is nothing compelling about the communication. There are only 3 main pieces to communicate when messaging an offer.

  1. Convenience OR
  2. Results OR
  3. Both.

You have 9 seconds to dance with the crocodile brain before this reptile throws you out. In those 9 seconds are you going to start talking about the features of the offer or are you going to start with the most interesting compelling part of the offer? (The cliffhanger)

9 seconds is all you have…

3. The Delivery

What's worse than a terrible deal? A bad delivery. If the offer is good and the communication is on point, then make sure you complete the trifecta of a great user experience by making a stellar delivery. Delivery of the message during the marketing and delivery of the product after the sale.

Let's get back to Domino's for a second. Imagine if after you bought a pizza someone showed up in an unmarked car, the pizza was in a Uhaul box and the delivery driver ran over your mailbox?

Deep thought has to go into the delivery and it all starts with this simple question?

If I were the customer, how would I want to receive the product or service?

If you're not sure how to the customer would like the product delivered, simply just ask them. There is nothing worse than making the wrong assumption. Ego aside, just be humble and ask. In fact, they'll be really glad you did because they will feel like "Here is someone who is considerate"

Remember customers only buy 3 things.

Convenience and results or both. incorporate them in your deal structure, in your communication, and in your delivery.

Now, where and how do you structure great offers?

Great offers come from prospect observation. You must become the prospect. Find out what they want most, watch their behavior, if you can do an EEG(If you can, you probably won't) but become as intimately involved with your prospect such that when you communicate the deal, they feel like you know them better than they know themselves.


Clayton Christensen has a great book,(link below) on how every offer is an opportunity to answer this one pertinent question.

All things equal(ability,desire and circumstance) What is the job my product or service is being hired to do?



You will know you have a great offer when you're answering this main question in their mind….

"I wish someone could just……."

Now that's The Right Offer.

So you’ve read this far, light bulbs are going off and you are ready to engineer a marvelous offer…(maybe not this second) but you're motivated.

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See you then….


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