Force Multiplier System

The Force Multiplier Strategy

In physics, a force multiplier is an amplification tool that takes a weak signal and magnifies it.

A dolly is a force multiplier. You can lift way heavier things using a dolly compared to if you were to attempt to lift the same load manually.

A microphone is a force multiplier. It takes a weak shriveled audible signal and makes it louder and clearer.

A car is a force multiplier. It converts combustion energy from the burning of fuel which thrusts pistons that run the car engine.

Well, guess what, In marketing, there are force multipliers too.

These are little force's if exploited well, can have massive returns on investment of time and advertising.

Problem is, these forces are hard to spot and need a keenly trained eye.

If you're wondering what they are, that's what this post is here for….it's the use of systems to run and do automation.

Now before we start let's make one thing clear…..

Not all your customers are created equally.

The sooner you realize that the faster you will be able to exploit these market multipliers.

Some of your prospects are already problem aware, some are both problem and solution aware and some are completely in the dark when it comes to knowledge of the problem leave alone a solution.

So, on this post, what we are going to cover is….exploit the fuel that makes the marketing fire burn.

  • What are market force multipliers and
  • How to exploit the fuel that makes the marketing fire burn.

Basically, the engine that drives the art of conversion forward.

It also happens to be the glue that holds the entire marketing and conversion elements in place.


Oh and before I forget force multipliers in marketing is simply the use of systems to run and automate lead generation, lead nurturing and profit maximization.

Building The System

The Driving Logic

Before we get into the logic let's first flash a beam of light on the current status quo of the competitive plane. Competition is healthy. It drives behavior. It motivates innovation and it promotes creativity.

Now with the difference in results between the top player and his follow up is almost 10-20X(10-20 fold between position 1 and position 2) yet the difference in skill and execution is infinitely small. Let's take an athletic race. #1 and #2 is the difference between gold and silver. It could be a couple of thousand dollars in long term income. Yet the difference in skill or effort is a few calories of dispensed energy.

Let's take an athletic race. #1 and #2 is the difference between gold and silver. It could be a couple of thousand dollars in long term income. Yet the difference in skill and or effort is just a few calories of dispensed energy.

In search engine optimization, the difference between position #1 and #2 could be a few backlinks when it comes to input yet the output in income is almost 10-20X.

Which brings us to the importance of doing the non-linear, non-obvious non-scalable activities at least in the beginning. It's because this is truly where the exponential gap lies.

Great. Just wanted to make clear that point to stress out the exceedingly important aspect of doing what seems to be counter-intuitive.

Ok. In marketing or at least in online marketing, the real differentiator is in first doing what is accepted(through data mined evidence or purchase history) and then improving on what is already existent.

Here let me get more specific.

A small improvement in providing a great user experience could and will have a huge impact on your return on investment. When tools have standardized the marketplace where a huge corporation and a solo-entrepreneur can almost seem equal on the online platform and maybe even compete on some levels, the major difference in income is brought about by a small injection of personalized effort. Let's look at what are the factors that drive marketing and where the opportunity for force multiplier lie.

The 2 Driving Force Multipliers In Marketing

  • Communication
  • Follow Up.


When products look almost the same. When processes look similar, the two differentiating factors are communication and follow up. We have already exhausted communication (Check previous posts) (Seriously check this previous post, where I detailed how to communicate in a way that gets market attention.)


So that leaves us to follow up. Remember where I mentioned earlier that not everyone is on the same page….check this out.

  1. About 3-10% of your market is ready to buy right now…….they will buy whatever you have to offer! It's a behavioral thing.
  2. Then there is the 60-70% of your market is not ready right this moment and need several nurturing sequences before they can make a commitment
  3. and If you've been following along then that leaves us with between 20-37% of the market will never buy what you have to offer.

Here's the reality. Most businesses compete on the 3-10% which is the "ready now" buyers and depending on your price points, that could be a very comfortable business. comfortable but extremely competitive and very easily disruptable. That leaves a 60-70% opportunity to be exploited by simply targeting businesses that are dropping the ball on expediting a thorough follow-up.

With platforms like Facebook and Google and Youtube, you don't even need to invest heavily in "convincing" this segment.

Your most important duty and strategy is to prove to them why:-

  1. you are different(The Convenience Of answering the question they will have)
  2. they should trust you to deliver the result they desire where others have left off.

This is why this is a force multiplier.

There's a known saying that states that with little to no knowledge 80% of the times, you would be safer finding out what everyone is doing and doing the exact opposite. This is the contrarian approach but I would insist to always first do your due diligence.


  1. Start with the influencers.

80% of markets are run and influenced by a small 20% of the entire group. These are the people everyone follows. These are the people that sell the most and know and understand their markets fears and frustrations. For example, if you're in the Ketogenic niche you have to know about Dr. Attia or Dr. Dominic Agostino. It's important that when you pick an influencer, pick someone who is not a celebrity but at the same time is known by that market. Why? The celebrity is known by everybody and if you want to trigger an effective force multiplier then you want to pick someone who is specifically known by your market but not by everyone else.

Here is an example. Tiger Woods? Well even my aunt in Kirinyaga, Kenya knows about Tiger Woods. Bubba Watson….?? you would have to be a golf enthusiast. The beauty is that these "below the radar" influencers are easier to get a hold to and more open to doing a deal with you.

  1.  Exploit The Gap.

Maintaining "celebrity" status is no easy feat. Influencers will be happy to share the piece of the pie on condition that you acknowledge and credit their previous spearheaded contribution and provide solutions and insights that are innovative. Now, you must also protect yourself as not all influencers are ethical and some will take your ideas and run. But for the most part, if you are the one with the idea, then you will probably be the one who understands the in-depth operations. Have an abundant mindset while being cautious. Here are 3 specific questions to consider when exploiting the gap.

  • Where is there room for improvement?
  • What is the market unsatisfied with?
  • How can you fill the gap for a fraction of the cost?(Not all gaps are worth pursuit!)
  1. Automate the delivery

When you're starting out, finding the gap will be a tedious and manual process. It will involve data mining and analysis. It will involve influencer research and outreach. It will involve market resonance(fancy word for what is the market responding to) But once you do step 1 and 2, the third part of force multiplication is automation. Why?

Because personalization, in-depth segmentation in-depth communication is too daunting a task to do manually or too expensive to hire a team especially if resources are limited or you're just starting out. The great news is that today with pennies on the dollar, the value can be amplified and extracted very quickly and very cheaply.

Software like Active-Campaign, Drip, infusionsoft and Clickfunnels can easily craft out automated "If-Then" conditional behavioral adaptive messages for up to 1 year.

But quite frankly, the true wealth is in the relationship with the influencers which will then lead to a relationship with the market and if you're doing a million and one things,(especially when trying to find your unique voice) make sure you hire a data-driven marketing expert (even if it's not me) to at least craft out a dashboard for you. The upfront expense is such a small fraction of the opportunity cost you will be missing out for not having these systems in place.

Which brings me to a big big announcement and a deal of a lifetime.

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