Awesome: Here are the 5 Steps Below!

Follow these 5 simple powerful steps to increase the chances of your offer converting!

Step 1: Copy these 5 Questions.

What's in it for them?

You have 7 seconds to get their attention. They quickly want to know what's the payoff. Fast

Why is the this different?

To them, "different" is better.

What's the ownership experience?

It's called "future pacing" What will the experience "look" like, "be" like and "feel" like???

Why you?

They want to know if you're the person who fully understands their problem and has the ideal solution.

Why now?

Urgency and scarcity.

Step 3: Get The OfferBlueprint.

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Lee Kariuki

Business development coach with focus on offer creation and conversion.

Lee Kariuki

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