SIMPLIFY: How Simplifying Plans Energizes Us To Action And Performance.

Simple. "Grip it, rip it." He uttered. "What about posture, frame, positioning and everything the top golfers suggest?"

"Then go to them….."

I had been caught in this cycle. Do more. Invest in this, join this group, follow this guy…and quite frankly, it was overwhelming.

This post will go through 2 main rules that influence performance, momentum and excellent action. This is from trying a million and one things and take it from a guy who deeply suffers from the inability of sitting still.

In 1980, my mom dropped me at primary school( the equivalent of grade school) in Mombasa, Kenya. I must have been 5 years old. What she forgot was that on this particular day, the school was closed for the mid-term break( yes British Schools use terms) and besides some maintenance employees being present, the school was a total ghost town.

I had two options. Wait for my mom to pick me up 8 hours later or figure out how to get home. I don't quite remember the actual events as I was only 5 or 6 years old but I knew option one was out of the picture. Remember I mentioned that I have a hard time sitting still? So I decided to ask a school employee help me get home. The courage, the lack of fear and the determination still baffle's me to this day.

All I knew is that If I can get to point A,  I'm that close to getting home. The challenge then began. I remember vividly asking people to help me cross the road as I have never been a fan of being knocked by cars or even a bicycle.( I have been knocked down by one before)

I vividly remember holding complete stranger's hands to help me cross the road and thereafter I would walk confidently. I had a very specific goal. Get home safe. I knew if anything happened to me my mom would be mad…(she still was) but I also knew I couldn't sit alone for 8 hours doing anything. I imagined all the things I'd rather do. Ride my bike, play with toys or even watch Tom and Jerry. It was the 80's and we lived in a flat(apartment) in downtown Mombasa. Crime was not so pronounced then.

As I got closer and closer I felt the mix of emotions. My mom would be proud of me for figuring out how to get home without troubling her. I rang the doorbell awaiting jubilation and admiration. My mom opened the door with a puzzled look filled with shock, surprise, and amazement.

"How did you get here?" "What if something happened to you?" I was scolded but deep down looking back I knew I am special.

Case in point

Simplification doesn't mean meager or not intellectual or not challenging, it simply means that all things held equal, removing all things that are not directly related to the destination are removed.

You can't simplify what you don't understand. But before we get into the simplification blueprint, let's look at the driving rules of simplification.

PARETO LAW/80-20 Rule.

Pareto was an Italian who noticed that 80 percent of every result is driven by 20 percent of effort. The remaining 80 percent only yields 20 percent results. So if efficiency is our goal, we only need to focus on the 20% bringing in 80% of the results and just eliminate the rest.


I really have no idea who he is but he coined the observation that "work expands to fill the time allotted" What that means is that the more time we have, doesn't mean the more work we get done. Remember an assignment you had to deliver within a certain time? The deadline came and you begged and pleaded for an extension. Then the extension was granted and there was no considerable improvement on the quality of work. In fact, the 2nd deadline came and you were rushing to get things done. There is something about time. It's 24 hours in a day never more or less and this is the driver for simplicity.


The true benefits of simplifying are:-

  1. More discretionary time which is wealth
  2. Meaningful relationships are driven by immersion
  3. Fulfillment is driven by accomplishment

So here we go.

Step 1. Get Razor Sharp Crystal Clear On Who You Are and What You Stand For.

At the beginning of 2016, I owned 5 domains.(,,,, and they were all a pain to maintain. On top of that, I was doing consulting and working as a database administrator. I was stressed and overworked. This isn't me. Somewhere along the way, I lost my true sense of who I really am. Now identity will change from time to time but your core identity of who you are….that remains consistent. The struggle is a deep realization that your core is in conflict with your execution.

So, I decided to eliminate everything that doesn't reflect who I am and stick to that. I started by getting rid of all the domains. Next, I chopped off all the activities that weren't in alignment with my identity.

Step 2. Define Clearly what you want.

FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out) will damage more people's IQ's than drugs, video games, and cell phones combined. Fear of missing out is what steals our deep abilities to live a truly fulfilled enriched life. When you pay attention to Mary, John, Frankie, and Melodie all the same time you lose out on every single one of them. What do you want? No What do you really really want? No BS here and no because "Johnny from Brooklyn will respect me" kind of excuse. For once what do you really want for yourself? Be as selfish as can yet only pick one. God and the universe are waiting…..and there are no consequences or right or wrong answers. What do you really want? This question puzzles and terrifies many. It also liberates many if they are honest and authentic about answering this question. For once forget about the teachers, your parents your children (you evil person…) and write down what do you really want.

Step 3. What's In The Way?

I have no idea where I heard this but every life event can be simplified into intent and obstacle and the in between is what is called life. Define all the things that are in the way. It could be ESPN(yes throw that in there) or bold and the beautiful, or your buddy Sean who has a habit of calling you every time you sit down to map out a marketing plan. List them. All of them even that juicy burger coupon that shows up in the mailbox every Thursday before you get paid….throw it on the list. The idea here is not to fight these obstacles( you can't win with a combative mindset) but to use their energy the aikido way. This will elevate you to an observer where you are an outsider looking in to influence efficiency and change as to an insider looking out where the dis-ease is already internal.

Step 4 . What Is the shortest fastest way to get the initial result?

Most want to scale before they get the consistency. More want to eliminate before they master the methodology. A shortcut only becomes valid after the longer option has been undertaken and documented. Get the result using tried methods. It is the result that matters the most at this stage, not the method. Once you get the result, try different methods. Document while you go through this exercise. One faster way to hack any result is to find the guy who is getting the result and pay them a consultation fee for a couple of hours. If the result is important to you, learn it at least not to become a master but to understand the process in such a way that when you hire others to do the job, you know exactly what it takes.

Final Step to Simplicity…

Eliminate everything and anything that is not serving you. Be very unforgiving with this as if not done right, it will come back to bite you.

So you've read this far, light bulbs are going off and you are ready to throw your obstacles off the balcony…(maybe not this second) but your motivated.

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See you then….


Lee Kariuki

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