even if you're unknown or going after a brand new market!!!

What Is An Offer

What Is An Offer and Why Should You Even Pay Attention....???

Lee Kariuki

Lee Kariuki.

From A Dear Friend, Lee Kariuki
South Hill, Puyallup Wa. 

Hey There, 

If you've ever bought a product or a service and felt really good about it and would like to recreate that experience to sell like crazy …independent of your industry, then pay attention, this is the most important letter you'll read today.

Check this out.

But Before we proceed...Here's a Caveat

It's a lot of work. Frankly I don't even understand why anyone would subject themselves to this level of intense work to put together something that is not even guaranteed. truly believe in your ability to make a difference to the people you serve.

If you have that belief, work ethic and dedication and need some clarity and guidance to engineer an irresistible offer, Welcome aboard.

Results achieved will differ from market to market however that will depend on  several factors and not limited to ….knowledge of your market, their desire, and your marketing experience.

With that said, business does come with some risk and If you're uncomfortable with this fact, please DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS TRAINING.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about offers...

An Offer Is Not A Product.

An offer is the packaging of story to a specific person addressing a specific desire with a specific promise to a very specific outcome.

A product is part of an offer but not the offer. Here's where the difference comes in. When the market has no way of differentiating between product A and product B, an offer is the tool that injects that contrast.

....and here's why you should pay attention.Products that have little to no differentiation are labeled commodities and what we know about commodities, is that they are primarily driven by price.

..and price wars have little to no strategic advantage's pegged on to a deeper hidden strategy.

What Will An Irresistible Offer Do for YOU?

Instant Positioning

 Due to the differentiation factor using offers, prospects can immediately relate to why your products or services are "better". If you've ever wondered why or how to penetrate a highly competitive market, then wonder no more. To your prospect "different is better"

Immediate Cashflow

When speed of implementation is necessary and product creation may take weeks or several months cashflow main an irresistible offer provides the revenue necessary to create the product but also to keep the business going.

Convert leads to clients.

One of the fastest way to convert leads to clients is by making an irresistible offer. For online businesses, the gold standard is having a great relationship with your list through making offer and solving problems.

...and here's Exactly What We'll Be Covering.....

4-Point Market Research
This is the foundation of creating an irresistible offer. We'll cover the 5 necessary steps to get to the heart of the market and find the desire.

The Buyers Brain and the Customer Journey
In this session we will be covering the 5 Buyers brain questions and how to map out the customer journey. This will create a roadmap by which your customer will be excited about.

Lee Kariuki

Meet Your Presenter

     When I first started out online, my hardest challenge was finding the patterns of why some pages sold more product than others. I initially thought it was advertising. I went down the rabbit hole of studying and testing everything to do with traffic. Then I realized, traffic was really just a commodity. You want traffic, you buy it just like you would buy milk at the store.

     Then I thought, that's it! It must be copywriting. so I embarked on the journey of learning everything there is about copywriting. It helped!!!! A bit! However it won't quite it! The best storyteller could sell a product or two, maybe even ten. However if the product sucks!!! You may get one over your clients, but eventually word will go around. So is it the product..? What is it? I started looking at the pages that had the highest conversions!!! Site after site after site.....They all had this one thing in common!

    Decided to test it on my own.Ran some traffic to the page. It didn't convert as I expected it to however, I learned a ton!!!! On day 2, we'll be covering the mistakes I made and what to avoid.

 Your TOP Questions Answered

Question One

What If I don't Have a Product or an Offer?

It's the perfect place to start. Using the process from this workshop you'll be able to quickly look at markets and decide which offers to create or which affiliate products to promote.

Question Two

My Product Is Unique. Haven't seen anything similar online. What are my options?

Great question. As long as you're selling to people, there is a formulaic step by step process that we will cover during the workshop that goes into breaking new markets. You're in a for a real treat!!!!

Question Three

I sell physical products. Will this workshop help me?

YES! In fact, I recommend buying for your team members that way everyone can be on the same page when it comes to innovation or offer creation.

Question Four

What If I don't Have a Product or an Offer?

It's the perfect place to start. Using the process from this workshop you'll be able to quickly look at markets and decide which offers to create or which affiliate products to promote.

Question Five

I sell physical products. Will this workshop help me?

YES! As long as you're in sales, where you have to sell services or a product, the irresistible offer workshop will address how to structure your offer to make it appealing to your prospect for them to view you as the obvious choice.

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