I can sniff an amateur from a mile. Ask me I would know….I was one. For a long time, I made mistakes. Plenty. I still make them. However, now they are strategic. They are thoughtful. 

On this post, I will paint a strategic picture of how to build positioning by giving away free stuff to sell high ticket stuff later on.


Free was a strategy that was used for many years. it originally did get the attention and the interest of many prospects and yes at one time it was the most important word in marketing.

However, times have changed. We are a long way from being responsive to FREE and you're not going to get any traction giving away free stuff….UNLESS

You make it abundantly clear that you value building the relationship first,way more than the front end price you would have collected for the product or service you are offering in the beginning. If you don't stress this point, you have missed an opportunity to be remarkable and to position your authority.

Here are 3 things this strategy will do:-

  1. Communicate that you are a professional. It's like dating. You slow it down to speed it up. Top seduction artists understand this. They don't rush. They curate the atmosphere and the conditions for the result to happen autonomically. Imagine you meet a client you show interest and you give them the very best of what you have to offer without charging them and then, you inform them that when the time is right, you will be open to doing business together. How likely will they be to work with you? Instead of a salesman who asks right after a cold pitch….. "On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to buy from me?" (Imagine a salesman tried that on me and I had just met him) I told -50 in 50 years from now.





  2. Focus on the relationship. If the prospect has doubts and fears( and don't we all) this is the perfect opportunity to calm them down. To make them feel at home. Remember, there are three types of transactions on every sale.




    -Cash transaction(This is the one most sellers focus on)

    -Relationship transaction(Fewer on this

    -Virality transaction( Silent partners in your business)

  3. Segmentation: Very quickly, you will get to know if you have a responsive or disinterested prospect. That way you can follow up on the back end.


3 Steps To Build Leverage In A Crowded Space

  1. Start with YOU? What are you truly immaculate at that few can even come close to you? Let's face it..we're "ish-ish" at many things. If you're a fitness buff you're good at crunches and calves and meal plans and cardio and cross fit and muscle endurance and ketogenic design. However, it's good that you know all these things and you're at least knowledgeable, BUT your prospects and clients will only WANT you for one thing. I can't tell you how many times…..(I included) have gone to businesses where they are doing a million things yet only 3 of those is what brings in the real income! Unfortunately, plenty of businesses will go under because of lack of this one simple thing. FOCUS. and the funny thing is, once you get known for one thing, you start attracting clients who want the other things. Here's the logic behind it. The expert who has specialized in one thing would be the most likely person to know about other things. At least in the mind of the prospect. But then in the mind of the entreprenuer……the conversation goes like this…"Can you imagine how much money I'm leaving on the table for only selling one thing?" No one is advising you to sell one thing. In fact, that may be dangerous. But if you're going to sell, sell something that triggers an emotional and logical sequence in the mind of the prospect. if you're the fitness guy start with a complimentary discovery check-in and then as an upgrade a customized workout plan and then a meal plan and then a sparring partner service…do you see how this is going? Making sense? Emotional then logical. it's how we buy.





  2.  Client Selection. The second grander mistake is in client selection. There was a fable about a ship that had capsized in the Pacific Ocean. The coast guard had been dispatched to try and save as many people as they possibly could. They meandered and explored along the rocky waves with their flashlights on as it was getting dark. Then they saw the crew of the sunken ship. They wanted to save as many as possible, but there was a capacity limitation on their boat. It was then that they made a difficult decision. They were only going to save the crew that was swimming towards them. It was truly a tough decision but had they tried to save everyone, they too would have capsized. The moral of this story is that as you take your position in the marketplace, you will be frustrated, disheartened, and annoyed by some of the clients that YOU WANT to help. Some are just not that committed. Some believe that the minute they pay you, they have relieved themselves of the entire problem. You're the "fixer". Or are you? Do you want to fix or do you want to transform? The problem here is in the statement YOU WANT. Your work is not to want, it's to flow with forces that already exist in the marketplace. You are an amplifier of results. You take a weak signal and make music for the club.(metaphorically) This one thing here will save you a lifetime of headaches. Pick clients "swimming" towards you already!





  3.  Finally, start with the micro-easy wins. The big mistake here is not in the things we sell,(though some products baffle me) but rather, in the sequence that we sell them in. You want to sell the water when they have no bucket. You want them to sign up as high-ticket clients when they don't know who you are or even what you stand for! By the way, it's not a time dependency thing like most want you to believe, but more like a relationship thing. That's why I said initially, focus on the relationship first, through the experience, and then the value will flow superfluously both to you and the prospect.

You focus on these things 24-7 day and night, night and day, it will be inevitable to hold a world class position. A position where clients chase you and you have to delegate. A position where speaking engagements, contracts, strategy sessions on boards and the whole nine yards.

However, the greatest return on your leverage which is one of the most overlooked benefits, that comes with so much responsibility, is the opportunity to serve.

Take this, implement it and let me know how it worked for you.

Lee Kariuki


Lee Kariuki
Lee Kariuki

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