I had no idea what I was doing,

It was in 2003 when I got in to the world of online marketing…

I was in the dark…

I bought my first product by Derek Gehl and Corey Rudl…

It taught me about internet marketing….

I created my first online website and no one showed up…

even with the course…..

I still struggled getting things going…

but having that momentum and knowing the end goal

did make things a whole lot easier…

I bought some traffic from google….

and as long as I sold more than what my traffic cost…

I was in business….

you didn't have to know a whole lot to do OK….

everything was straight forward

find a hot market….

sell them what they want….

things are very different today….

The old way was to have an optin page and then immediately sell something after

That worked pretty well in to the late 2000's

but today in 2017…..you'll need a lot more than a simple sales page….

You'll need to know who your customer is….

and not just by name…(even though that helps…)

but even deeper…..what they do,

what they buy

where they eat….

what they are afraid of….

but most important, what they deeply secretly desire…

giving value before sales….

and breaking that trance of their current state

and showing them what could be

and how that gap can be bridged…

and it's what moves the "needle"

to get them closer to their goals…

and you closer to yours

and that's why this Tuesday…

I'm running a small intimate online web class

where will spend the first 2 hours

going deep on what to sell…

before we build a prospect capturing funnel for you….

so that you can have prospects coming to you everyday


we will take a quick lunch break of 30 about minutes…

because we have to eat right?

and then right after lunch…

we dive deep crafting 5 our follow up emails…

Now, these emails will take your prospect

from not knowing who you are

to feeling comfortable to buy from you if the offer is right, right?

we then invest 2 hours on how to generate traffic….

If nothing else, your entire investment

will be recouped by this traffic session alone….

then finally before we part…..

we will have a 2 hour Q&A session..

so that we can brainstorm

on any questions you may have before you leave…

and if nothing else,

we will call it a day….

pretty productive day don't you think?

and talking of investment…

being that this is a one time test that I'm running

the entire webclass is a onetime investment of $197…..

there's no upsells and or downsells…..

just the $197 and we meet on Tuesday ready for class….

but you do have to click the button below

to enjoy that one time price….

and when the timer hits zero….

register now

the offer is gone and it's gone for good....

here, go register here and I'll see you on Tuesday...




Lee Kariuki
Lee Kariuki

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