The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive,

however there is one little secret no one tells you….

letting go…..

it seems like every entrepreneur that I meet

(very different from business owner)

at first is looking to wear different hats….

pay attention as this is the key difference


The business owner is proud to own….

the entrepreneur….is proud to lose…

lose his resources,lose his IP(intelectual property)

lose his stake…..

if he can gain a greater stake in distribution,efficiency, time and eventually profit…

he'll do it in a New York minute….

He or she understands that the profit doesn't come from doing….

the profit comes from the system that does the doing…..

Here is a story that I read from Fahad…

A barber bragged about how foolish this 10 year old was to his customers…

he gave him an option to pick either $2 or $5 bills in ones

and the boy always picked the $2…

and then the barber would have a hearty laugh with is customers….

Oh how foolish this boy is….

and the boy would go and get a cone of ice cream…..

The interesting thing is this entertaining show had been going on for several months….

However neither the barber nor the customers stopped to ask this 

one fundamental question…..

why did the boy pick the $2 less value bills over the $5 ones?

Apparently the boy wasn't as foolish as the barber and his customers thought….

he knew that if he picked the $5 option….the game would have ended a long time ago…

he sacrificed his ego to be right or greedy for the long term gain of perpetuity…

lets be honest which option would you have picked?

$2 entrepreneur……$5 Business owner….

So the way to fire yourself before the market does is to quickly replace your "grip" on the business….

and here is what I mean…

If there is someone that can do it faster,better,more efficiently….

hire them….don't worry about how much they are charging….

becuase you understand the value of time…..

Your time to be specific….

Let go say it again Let go…and again Let go…

because you believe that your greatest fear

is that you won't be contributing or will lose a sense of purpose…

I get it been there and done that…

here is the flip side….

what if the business fails because you were standing in the way????

does it matter that YOU have to be the one doing it?

There could be another Johnson,or Judy or Justin….

but there will never be another Johnson,Judy or Justin

quite like YOU…..

Your "deep work" is being a visionary…

and there is no way you will be one if you're

being pulled everywhere like pork threads on a kaiser bun…..

everyone on your team should be able to have this grande vision

empower them, pay them well, give them what they need and then drumroll

get out of their way…….

It can be lonely….

it can be nerve wrecking…

because when you're used to "grinding" the mind never stops…

It churns and churns….

and plenty of times in jeopardy of your best interests….

that's why you are the visionary…

you see/saw things that weren't there and you created them…

don't kill the system you created by working in it….

leave the business alone…..

so that you can focus your genius on growing it…..

This is the secret behind an old book called "The entrepreneur's Myth" or "The Emyth"

and many businesses will be caught in this trap if they haven't already…..

So Lee, Where do I find A players and how do I know they are one?

First Off A players are not the ones with the fancy resumes

as a matter of fact, you might even pass them by….

they look risky if you judge them based on their outlook…

(follow Oleg Vishnepolsky  on Linkedin…his insights and articles on A players are remarkable)

they are not noisy, they are very blunt and get bored easily…

they despise office politics and are attracted to a cause and a challenge..

but the key attribute of A players that B or C players lack….

is that they don't wait to be told what to do…..

they just need to know the expected outcome…

and they will jump in and "figure it out"

pay them well, challenge them and don't, I repeat don't

try micro manage them…they hate that all the way…..

Give them direction and if you're going to,

remember to give them the reason why…..

and the areas of improvement…

"just beacuse you said it" doesn't sit very well with them…

They are thinkers…..

They'll question…and you want them to….

otherwise how will you know your system is solid???

How do you know one when you meet one?

Check their language patterns….

give them a challenge rather than ask them….

generic interviewing questions like

describe the "best day of your life"

see how they think becuase if you truly really 

want to fire yourself….

the best thing you can do is find someone

worth replacing you……

Your turn…


Lee Kariuki
Lee Kariuki

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