In business development, start by focusing on distribution

Most businesses would rather focus on the product,

that's great however there is one problem..

the produt won't sell itself….

you'll need to take it to the people who will most likely buy…

most businesses have a marketing budget

or partner with someone who already has the audience

both are expensive in terms of time

or when the deal doesn't work very well for the other party….

chaos brews up and business partners turn in to savage enemies

there's a better way…

there's an easier way

what if you could just compensate the people who are already buying from you?

Unless you've been in hidingstan(not a real country)

you already know marketing costs are sky rocketing

and if you're product isn't selling in parallax to the marketing budget

or marketing rates…oh oh oh oh someone is out of a business fast…

so here's how to do it….

  1. Set up an affiliate program.(easy with tools)
  2. Pay them well (80-100% of product profit)
    The profits are in the back end relationship and sales.
  3. Test your product to make sure it converts(sells)
    Nothing pisses an affiliate more than a product that hasn't been tested.
  4. Open gates and let the affiliates work for you.

The other method is to reduce

the price of product if current prospects 

refer at least 3 people.

Remember one of the hidden expensive overheads in a business is….

customer acquisition….which is a fancy term for….

getting buyers through the front door….

every little bit counts….

don't sweat the front end product….

as soon as they get in through the front door,

your monetization strategy is on the back end….

and a buyer is a buyer is a buyer…..

Your turn.


Lee Kariuki
Lee Kariuki

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