Do you WANT to sell?

Do you have some kind of product,knowledge or service that is valuable?

How do you know it's valuable? What….because you have a feeling…hahahaha

Feelings don't count….

you need a better valuation system that factors in the market….

anyway this post is not about valuations(I may write one in the future)

This post is about selling….the word that is so repulsive…..

The word a good amount of people loathe

The skill that if you don't have……you will starve…..

Here goes…

The History Of Selling

I tried to figure out who was the person who started selling first and i went blank.

Was it God? Was it  Adam? Was it Eve? I don't know….

So to start this journey of revelation…I had to first define what selling really is.

What Is Selling?

Let's breakdown what constitutes  selling.

Contrary to popular belief, selling is not "trying to convince" someone to buy what we are offering.

In fact that isn't selling. That is manipulation.

Selling in it's purest form is providing a solution to someone(or industry) to a problem they have and are admitting they have.

Just becuase there is a problem doesn't mean people will buy from you even though you have the solution.They must admit that they have the problem and that's really the hard part.

But you don't have to get them to admit that they have a problem.

You just need to decribe the problem in such a way that they automatically feel like "This guy gets me"

"This guy has done his homework"

Below are the 3 elements I've observed necessary to selling. There are plenty of other resources that suggest you must first create rapport and get people to know like and trust you and break the ice.

That's all fine and dandy but the most important state for buying is vulnerability. Now before you go out and start saying Lee you're an evil devil and you should be ashamed of yourself, hear me out.

When I say vulnerability, I'm referring to matters partaining that problem. They have to feel helpless. They have to feel like you are their savior. Why don't we go to doctors after sneezing? It's becuase we are in control of the sneeze. We know it's not something that requires medical attention. However if we have been diarrhearing,coughing, experiencing cold hot flashes while sweating for the last 3 days, then we not only need a doctor, we demand for one. We are now in a "vulnerable" state.Vulnerability is the acceptance that we are not in charge of the situation we are facing and we need some help.Convenience and better future state(results), those are the reasons people buy.

Here goes…  

3 Elements To Selling

  1.  A problem that is present and conspicuous.
    The fisstep is to identify the problem and frame it in a way that both you the person solving the problem and the potential buyer both agree on what the problem is.Plenty of products are so complicated that you can't make head or tail what in the world they are offering. The most important step here is clarity. Clarity on defining what the problem is. How else will someone buy from you when you haven't articulated what situation they are in? The end goal here is to frame their problem in such a way that they feel so understood by you way better than they can ever understand themselves. Which brings me to the second element.

  2. A Promise To What A Future Better State Feels Like.
    Worse than not defining a clear problem is not defining what an improved future state looks and feels like.They have to have confidence that interacting with you or your solution will leave themin a far better state than they first met you.It's not enough stating what they will get. They must experience what it will feel like after they purchase your product and telling them just won't do it. You have to get them involved through touch,sight,smell and sound.We buy on emotions and we justify with logic.

  3. A Commitment
    I went to the store the other day. I was as hungry as fat Albert. It was clear that the attendant selling chicken wings had identified that I had a hunger problem.I have a deep feeling he knew I was going to in this state at around noon. So he took it upon himself to fry these chicken wings at 1130. He didn't even have to communicate to me what a better future state will feel like. I had experienced that atste plenty of times. His product was so good that I was "selling" myself on it.But then there was huge problem.I lacked commitment.I was having a hard time justifying buying 30 wings especially since I didn't want that much.The problem was there, I was already creating my own future better state but the commitment just wasn't there.This is the most important part of selling. Ability and desire are just not enough. They have to be commited to egtting to the end goal. They have to be so excited about the result that they instantly want to buy from you.This is the part that took me a long time to master. If you try and sell to non committed individuals, you can sing and dance all day, but they will never buy from you. What is a committment? It means they are excited, they have the funds, they want the results and they are ready to take action.Not all buyers are the same or created equally. Some want it now some need a little more time to justify the process internally. Whatever the case, before you ask for the sale, you must get their committment.

So how do you "sell"? You use conversations and not manipulations. Conversations to extract information on

  1. Their current state.(The problem)
  2. Their future desired state, (The solution)
  3. Their committment level.(The committment)

Once you have established the above 3, then and only then can you make an offer.Remember, you must take authority and communicate your understanding of their problem way better than they can ever understand it themselves. You are the expert.How do I know you are the expert? By the way you take charge and personal responsibility of the problem that I am experiencing. That removes any resistance that I would have and that also gets my full committment. It's never about price, it's about the value that they will get after the experience. 


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