Systems and Strategy Guy.

Lee Kariuki

Depending on the day, I could be a chef cooking for my wife Loise.

Systems and strategy coach.

A storyteller at my local pub surrounded with friends.

A pool player again at the local.

A consultant brainstorming on process design for a Chiropractor's marketing campaign.

A tutor for Algebra, Physics and Chemistry to local high school kids. Whatever the case, it doesn't really matter. What matters is the memorable experience that we share through our interaction.

I was born in Nairobi Kenya in the 70's and I attended grade and high school in Kenya. I also graduated with a diploma in Chemical Engineering. In 1998  I moved to Tallahassee Florida to continue training as a chemical engineer, then a chemist and eventually a pharmaceutical scientist. I have worked many different jobs ranging from a caregiver to a tire mechanic to a process analyst to a data administrator. The job didn't really matter to me as much as the opportunity and experience I gained interacting with different people. I have authored a couple of books from human behavior to branding to relationships, mostly as guides to my life experiences at the time. What I've learned is that everything usually works out well in the end. I'm married to Loise and I have a sister Fay and two brothers, Archie and Robert. I am blessed to be in my 40's with my parents being my greatest driving force as they have sacrificed plenty for me to be where I am right now.

The reason I went into business is to help everyday folks like you and I live a fulfilled, productive life with dignity and respect. In 2013, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and nodules in my lungs. I was a chain smoker from work-related stress and I immediately knew I had to change my lifestyle.It was scary. Doc prescribed simvastatin and metformin both which i hated as they claimed that I had to take them for the rest of my life. Today I don't smoke anymore and I don't take any of those medications. Halleluya Halleluya!

I know how it is to lose your entire sense of identity through employment. I know first hand the fear of not knowing where ends will come from despite being employed. I also know the struggles of business.It doesn't have to be that way. I invested time money and effort to change that situation so that you don't have to waste precious time trying to figure it out!

Miracles happen each and every day.

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Lee Kariuki