7 Rules To A Magnetic Marketing Message

You stare at the page…it’s blank. AAArgh….that’s scary

You take a break from the white space…

load up a double espresso….

Ideas Ideas Ideas structure framing engagement

You want to sell no doubt

But you want to try a different route….different angle

You read some copywriting books by Gary Halbert,

Took a course by Gary Bencivenga…

and stalked Joe Sugarman wearing his signature blue blockers

How do you write in a way that people take action….

Let’s look at this local ad…..


If you are the only one that understands the intended message….”We Have A Problem”

The idea of communication is to make sure that the intended message reaches the intended recipient.

Reporting is saying it like it is.

Drama is saying like it is, but then, showing how better it could be.

Plenty of “marketing” messages are reporting rather than dramatizing.

We love drama. Yes Extra Extra read all about it……is dramatizing.

News Flash…..If it isn’t dramatic….it’s boring.

Drama isn’t a bad thing at all.It’s a form of communication.

It’s not about length.

It’s not about the message.

It’s all about the prospects mind and how they receive the message.

This post goes in to detail how to craft messages that drive buying action.

On the post about the offer we addressed the 2nd most important part of any offer.

Clear communication.

Writing in a way that your prospects think.

There is a certain framework that if you follow,

you will engage your customers 90% of the time,

Do it wrong, and there will be consequences.

Rule # 1. It is NOT about you……

You lost me on “I” No one cares about you. No cares about what you want and no one cares about what you have accomplished. The only thing your prospect cares about is how will you get them to a better place. Convenience and or results. Period.

Rule # 2. Write in conversational prose.

Hey were buddies right. Why the need to use heavy deep vocabulary to say simple things?

What are you hiding?

Who do you want to impress?

Remember the 2004 US election?

Kerry was running against George Bush.

Kerry talked eloquently

something about Bush made him believable.

Shooting from the hip, he talked like he thought.

Lot’s of times just the choice of words you use

will make all the difference.

Know your market.

Write like you are having a conversation with your prospect in a coffee shop.

Rule # 3. Short and punchy wins.

Long sentences slow us down.

Have sentences with 5-6 words max.

Remove unnecessary words….

This speeds the brains processing speed

That’s engaging…

Rule # 4. One topic. One concept. One Intent.

What is your end goal?

What must they know or do to get there?

Work backwards.

One topic.

One concept.

One intent.

More than one….

and you confuse your prospect.

Rule # 5. Involve your audience.

Is this making sense?

Are you getting this?

Isn’t it awesome?

Are you nodding your head in agreement?

Tell them…they might listen

Show them and you get their interest

Involve them and you get their buy in.

This is involvement which brings us to the next rule.

Rule # 6. Show by demonstration. 

A couple of years ago George wanted to come up with a creative way to sell a blender.

He created a youtube show asking this simple question “Will It Blend?”

Rule # 7. Arouse their senses.

It smelt like morning coffee with sizzling bacon…..

It felt like a hot summer day in the center of an Arizona desert.

The burger tastes like a mix of marinated meat chicken and shrimp all in one.

The way to do this is by using metaphors.

Story is the delivery channel for context

but for emotion slam dunk it with a metaphor.

If you haven’t already,

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